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What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a set of industry standards or benchmarks established by and for the industry covering ethical business practice and customer service.

Accreditation helps farmers and dealers to identify businesses who have achieved the industry standard for quality.

Accreditation assures  the businesses that are committed to professionalism and ethical business practice and are easily recognizable with agreed certification:

Why do we need Accreditation?

  1. To ensure that the industry remains focused on raising the standards of its practice

  2. To enhance the reputation of the industry and increase farmer confidence when dealing with industry professionals

  3. To enforce the Industry’s Code of conduct

  4. To better inform the marketplace by differentiating dealers on the basis of a pre-determined criteria which has been agreed by the sector

  5. To reinforce the value of the industry as one that is professional with sufficient maturity to self-regulate


The scheme is run on the premise that all members of AAK who are responsible for the accreditation process follow the code of practice that ensures that they supply safe and effective products in the market.

The code stands for quality and all wishing to be members sign that they will abide by the requirements before their membership is approved.

In the event that any member flouts this code, there is a mechanism of removing the member from the association and telling members of the public and Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) accordingly.

Benefits of Accreditation to Farmer and the Industry

  1. Accreditation benefits the industry and users of the products.
  2. It confirms to the users and industry that the industry is committed to quality and professionalism in their conduct and delivery of service.
  3. Accreditation provides users (farmers) and the industry with the assurance that they are dealing with the highest quality product and a professional who understands the product.