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Why join aak-GROW?

How to join aak-GROW?

1. Determine the membership category that applies to your organisation

Read the aak-GROW constitution which lays out the types of membership categories available. Download the constitution from the link below:

aak-GROW Constitution

2. Submit a membership application

Fill-in the aak-GROW Membership forms by collecting them from the aak-GROW office or downloading them from the link below.

aak-GROW Membership-Form

3. aak-GROW review of application

The aak-GROW secretariat reviews the documents presented by the applicant to ensure they are in order and properly submitted.

4. Circulation of application to members

Once the documents have been reviewed the applicant’s details are forwarded to all members for approval and input to determine if the applicant will be approved.

5. Applicant interview

If no objection is received from the members, the applicant is invited for an interview at the aak-GROW offices.

6. Recommendation to executive committee

If the interview is successful, the application for membership is forwarded to the aak-GROW executive committee for final approval.

7. Outcome confirmed

The applicant is informed if the application to join aak-GROW was successful or not.