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Kenya Counterfeit Pest Control Products Study – FINAL REPORT- 2018

The Study on Counterfeiting of Pest Control Products in Kenya has been commissioned by aak-GROW in collaboration with PCPB. It is responding to the growing national and global concerns about the rising trend of counterfeit pest control product. AAK while commissioning this study observed in the background to the study that “the risk faced by the industry is real and seems to be spread countrywide’. This concern is further amplified by the recently concluded National Baseline Survey on Illicit Trade (ACA February 2020), where the agrochemical industry featured under the chemical and allied industry. The size of illicit trade in the industry was estimated at KESS11.8billion in 2017, rising by 23% to KES14.6billion in 2018. At the global level, the European Parliament report of January 2021, citing the European Crop Protection Agency (ECPA) noted that: “the trade in counterfeit pesticides has grown into a major profitable criminal enterprise. A global operation called Silver Axe seized 1 346 tonnes of illicit pesticides, worth up to EUR 94 million, during just the first four months of 2020 (Europol, 2020)”.