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Partnership Building and Collaboration

Partnerships are at the core of AAK’s mandate.  The association works with stakeholders from government, members, and partners in and beyond the industry to promote change and enhance the impact and legitimacy of our activities. We facilitate this industry coordination to achieve better synergy, joint programming, peer learning and critical mass and voice for advocacy to secure a conducive operational environment in policies, laws, regulations, and institutions.

Membership Development: Strengthen the AAK membership base, value addition to, and quality of relations with (in) the membership and industry in general.

Industry Coordination: Facilitate industry coordination for better synergy, joint programming, peer learning and establishment of critical mass (voice) for advocacy towards conducive operational environment (policies, laws, regulations, institutions).

Innovation and Best Practice Promotion: Invest in promoting adoption of innovative solutions and industry best practices amongst AAK members and other key actors.

Alliance Building: Join/ participate in, and or facilitate strategic alliances/networks, fora, spaces or platforms for leveraging resources and enabling critical conversations on emerging issues