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Policy, Regulatory and Standards

AAK ensures compliance with product quality and industry standards, ethical practice, and fair competition. It addresses challenges raised by counterfeits, and advocates for a conducive policy and legal operating environment for the industry, through: 

(a) Industry Self-Regulation: The association supports self-governance within the sector by ensuring adherence to the Code of Practice.

(b) Quality Standards: AAK promotes the adoption of internationally accepted policies, processes, and core values, by providing training, accreditation and capacity development to members.

(c) Strengthening a positive regulatory operating environment: In light of the need for innovation to drive agricultural growth. AAK advocates for a science-based, enabling regulatory environment that protects human and environmental safety, and promotes innovation and competitiveness.

(d) Enhancing the reputation and image of the industry: AAK believes in consumers’ right to know how their food is grown and runs forums and communication drives explaining the technologies available to growers to produce safe food.

(e) Supply Chain Governance: AAK promotes mutual respect, transparency and dialogue amongst its members and industry actors, producers, traders and consumers.