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Residue Management

In Kenya, Pest Control Products (PCPs) are approved and authorized for use after the applicant provides studies to demonstrate no significant residues can be found in the produce harvested after specified period indicated in the label as Pre-harvest Interval (PHI).

The residues must be far below the safety levels for consumers for a product to be approved for use on the specific crop and not exceeding the Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) which has been set.  Some countries have their own set of MRLs while others use the Codex MRLs as standard for trade.

CropLife Kenya/Agrochemicals Association of Kenya trains famers on adherence to label requirements and observance to Good Agricultural Practice and scouting for pests before spraying.  The association has also trained Spray Service Providers who offers professional application of quality safe crop protection products to farmers.   When pesticides are only handled by those that are trained, we are assured of better application of correct pesticides, at the correct time and recommended rate thus ensuring Maximum residue Levels (MRL’s) and Pre harvest intervals are observed at all times.

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