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aak-GROW/ CropLife Kenya is the umbrella organization representing the plant science sector (crop protection/ pesticide products).  aak-GROW leads efforts to ensure an independent science based, efficient & effective regulatory environment that supports innovation & facilitates the access to high quality & responsible use of innovation from the industry.


Promote visibility.

  • Lead the new client’s stewardship strategy to strengthen the industry position and reputation through developing partnerships with relevant stakeholders for enhanced responsible use of crop protection innovations to small holder farmers.
  • Promote adherence to the International & aak-GROW’s Code of Conduct for Pesticide Management with a view of promoting and implementing the Sustainable Pesticide Management Framework (SPMF) and IPM practices.
  • Participate in the process of developing/maintaining training and information materials related to responsible use.
  • Support the establishment, maintenance and awareness creation of container and obsolete stocks management.
  • Creation of awareness on Poison Information Service including strategic linkages for tracking of incidence reporting.
  • Liaise with stakeholders to identify strategic interventions for Anti-counterfeiting activities.

Partnerships and co-creation

  • Develop networks to scale up stewardship efforts and maintain strong working relationships with selected governmental (National and County Governments-County Government coordination) and non-governmental organizations operating in the country and county levels and represent industry at related formal meetings.
  • Build co-operations with international development agencies & other partners.
  • Identify, develop and maintain technical expert networks and build capacity of stakeholders on Responsible use and stewardship activities.


● Assessment and review of existing outreach programs/models.

● Digitalization – Implement new approaches and tools to support effective stewardship.

Project Management

  • Establish budgets and operating plans for regional activities.
  • Coordinate projects, report on impacts and deliverables and manage related budgets at regional level.


  • Participate in industry advocacy, representation & liaison activities with government, other stakeholders & industry groups.


  • Degree in Agricultural science, development, education or related field, master’s degree is an added advantage.
  • Is curious with a genuine interest in the industry issues and policy challenges such as sustainability, modern agriculture, pesticide policy challenges.
  • An understanding of East Africa/ Kenya plant science industry & comprehension of the regulatory in which it operates.
  • 5- Years experience working with small farmers.
  • Knowledge in crop protection is desirable.
  • Knowledge working with partners /NGOs and Government.
  • Is a self-starter able to motivate others; is diligent, persistent and committed.
  • Has a proven ability to work in a team-oriented proactive way and to drive groups to alignment.
  • Has excellent networking, communication and presentation skills.
  • Is open-minded and able to work effectively in a culturally diverse environment.
  • Is a member of a professional body.

If you meet the above qualifications, please send your resume to with the job title as the subject of your email by 7th July 2023.